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Meet Laura

A culturally competent and collaborative sexuality educator, communicator and instructional designer.

Engaging   communities in sexuality education can be difficult. It doesn't have to be.

Are you unsure how to work with (vs for) communities to tackle their sexuality education learning needs?

Are you missing a process to effectively co-create with and engage learners in the development of their own educational programs?

Do your communications on sexual health services need to be more effective, clear and relevant for your audience?

Are you keen to hear about lessons learned from working on sexual health and rights promotion with underserved communities in Latin America?

Would translating your sexuality education content to Spanish, Portuguese or English help you reach a specific audience?

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Laura Ramos Tomás is a certified sexuality educator and instructional designer of European origin, with life and work experience across Latin America at the intersection of poverty, lack of access to education, and gender- and social inequalities. She consults for global organizations on initiatives that promote gender (and pleasure) equity and sexual rights, and works with grassroots movements of visionary women, survivors of trafficking, sex workers, and youth and young mothers living in social vulnerability.

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Laura offers all of the below services in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Sexuality Education Facilitation


*in-person & remote (online)

Curriculum Development

Lesson Plans & Curricula

Instructional Design

Translation (EN-ES-PT)

Branding & Communications

Brand/Campaign Identity Design
Website Design
Artworking & Layout



Panels & Interviews*

Webinars & Podcasts

*in-person & remote (online)

Reach out if any of the above services align with your needs, or you are looking for other related support.

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“Laura has a talent for developing documents and tools collaboratively, ensuring they are both functional and beautifully designed. Laura's attentive focus on details and her commitment to listening to clients' requirements ensure that their needs are always met with precision and care, and has ensured that the tools she has developed for global sexual health organisations are used and truly appreciated.”

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Thinking of working with Laura? Reach out!

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