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Branding & Communications

Connect with your audience, clients and communities in more relevant and relatable ways.

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Brand/Campaign Identity Design

When logos, brand imagery, and style are effective and consistent across platforms and content, branding can help you be easily recognizable and feel familiar.

Website Design

A reflection of a professional's, organization's or project's offer, a well-planned, designed and maintained website resonates with the people you want to work with

Artworking & Layout

Layout design beyond font size and image choice includes considerations around accessibility, reader/learner journeys and medium. These can make all the difference.

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“Having a website to help anchor my professional engagements has been a game changer. Thank you so much for all your support in thinking through the structure and getting me across the finish line. I continue to tweak and adjust things here and there, and, thanks to you, I feel like I have the skills to do that.”


“Laura brought solid advice on how to improve our strategic efforts around branding and our long-term vision. Her experience in design and community development, coupled with her passion for sexual and reproductive health and rights contributed rich insights.”


“Laura brilliantly developed the project of literary kits for children in social isolation during the 2020 pandemic. With a lot of creativity and sensitivity, she embraced and designed the layout of the booklets and all the visual aspects of the project.”


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WWW Artworks - Jan 2024--11_edited.jpg
WWW Artworks - Jan 2024--11.png
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