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Curriculum Development

Help people get more comfortable thinking, learning and talking about sex and sexuality.

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Lesson Plans & Curriculum Writing

Lesson plans and curricula that tackle communities’ (self-identified) learning needs are built through a process of co-creation that centers meaningful learner participation.

Instructional Design

From pedagogic games to use with learners, to toolkits and guides for professionals and peer educators, a made-to-measure tool can make implementation more successful.


Language is a crucial building block for learning,, and especially nuanced in sexuality education. Effectively translated material integrates cultural sensitivity and contextual insights.

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Laura is normalizing conversations about sexuality among our educational staff in Honduras.  Her training and curriculum helps instructors feel confident that they understand the topics and are ready to introduce them in an age-appropriate way to our students. The program is transforming the discourse surrounding sexuality in El Porvenir by providing educators with the necessary guidance and resources to navigate these conversations with composure, ultimately promoting a more open and inclusive educational environment for HCA students to thrive in.


“Laura has a talent for developing documents and tools collaboratively, ensuring they are both functional and beautifully designed. Laura's attentive focus on details and her commitment to listening to clients' requirements ensure that their needs are always met with precision and care, and has ensured that the tools she has developed for global sexual health organisations are used and truly appreciated.”


“Laura’s expertise as a sexuality educator was instrumental, and her deep understanding of how communication is key when working towards social change was demonstrated by her ability to navigate the nuances of both Spanish and English when addressing sensitive and taboo topics. Working alongside Laura on such an impactful project was a joy. Witnessing her dedication and passion firsthand, I confidently endorse her as an educator and communicator.

Sol Tovar; co-translator on the Free to be You and Me toolkit for Service Civil International

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