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Laura started TabuTabu to empower grassroots NGOs in Latin America with contextually-relevant sexuality education.

TabuTabu partners with established grassroots NGOs and the communities they work in, to co-create and deliver tailor-made sexuality education programs that tackle their communities' most pressing  sexual and reproductive health and rights learning needs. 

Contextually-Relevant Sexuality Education

As a a white, cisgendered, heterosexual, alphabetized, European woman working with underserved communities in Latin America, Laura is determined that TabuTabu programs’ learning content should not be dictated by her and her own lenses, but rather be directed by individuals from the communities themselves, including those who are often sidelined due to their intersecting identities.

This is why TabuTabu's process centers the following aspects:

TabuTabu’s programs are developed and maintained by revenue from its shop, which sells products which aim to empower people to normalize healthier conversations about sexuality.






TabuTabu shoppers can therefore tackle the sexuality-related taboos in their own circles,

whilst also supporting sex-ed programming in some of Latin America’s most vulnerable communities.