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TabuTabu – Founder & Lead Sexuality Educator (October 2020 - present)

  • Launching an organization to provide sexuality education programs in low-income communities in Latin America that tackle their most pressing sexual and reproductive health and rights learning needs.

  • Co-creating and co-facilitating workshops with adolescents learners in the favela (shanty town) community of Favelinha, urban-periphery of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

  • Co-creating program for and training the facilitators in the rural community of El Porvenir (Honduras).

  • Creating a network of collaborators of different lenses to contribute to and feedback on programs throughout development stages.


Há Esperança - Instructional Designer & Publishing Editor (Rio de Janeiro; March 2020 – October 2020)

  • Reviewed, edited and layout design for a series of children's workbooks aiming to support literacy training during pandemic-related school closures, including activities exploring afro brazilian heritage, socio-emotional skill development, and COVID-19 prevention measures.

  • Edited and designed the layout for the first institutional childrens’ book, printed and sold as a sustainable revenue income stream for the NGO.

Frankfurt International School (FIS) – Substitute Teacher (Oberursel, Germany; August 2018 – October 2018)

  • Implemented curriculum for students in grades 6-12.

  • Supervised classes and offered facilitation of learning outcomes to students in grades 6-12.


Honduras Child Alliance (HCA) – Resident Educator (El Porvenir, Honduras; October 2017 – April 2018)

  • Developed and launched a literacy & numeracy program for academically struggling children and youth.

  • Created and implemented afterschool activities curriculum for 6-12-year-olds including English immersion and a focus on values – equality (no sexism, no racism) and safety (no violence, no sexual violence).


Kalahari Education Experience (KEEP) – Student Chaperone (Kalahari Desert, South Africa; July 2017)

  • Chaperoned 43 students in grades 9-12 on a 15-day cultural exchange trip (with 8 other chaperones).

  • Supervised (full-time) students during immersion in local schools and field trips.


Bournemouth University – STEM Ambassador (Bournemouth, UK; October 2012 – July 2013)

  • Planned and led events highlighting the benefits of Higher Education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) studies through interactive educational games with children and youth.

Frankfurt International School (FIS) – Design & Technology Teacher’s Aid (Oberursel, Germany; June 2009 – April 2010)

  • Assisted with class preparations, organizational tasks, machine maintenance.

  • Guided students on computer aided design (CAD), machine use and project work.


FIS Community – Independent Tutor (Oberursel, Germany; October 2005 – November 2018)

  • Offered educational support to youth aged 10-18 .

  • Created tutoring opportunities around different levels of written/spoken Spanish, English and Maths.

  • Created individual learning plans for students with learning disabilities.

  • Supported and taught adult learners in conversational German and Spanish.

  • Implemented engaging activities that incorporated role-playing scenarios and other activities.


Stories to Action – Branding & Communications Consultant SRHR (remote; September 2020 – November 2021)

  • Created internal and external communication tools for more consistent and effective youth-led action and advocacy on youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

  • Developed brand manual for consistent content on social media channels and institutional projects.

  • Drafted a website restructure for improved navigation and SEO (for implementation by Technical Lead).

  • Structured and style edited guest and team posts throughout.

Service Civil International (SCI) – Gender Toolkit Translator (remote; May 2020 – Aug 2020)

  • Collaborated to translate the Free to be You and Me educational toolkit from English to Spanish, providing comprehensive activities for youth workers, volunteer coordinators and trainers to run workshops on gender, sexuality, and inclusion.


Mujeres por la Justicia, Educación y Reconocimiento (MuJER) Guatemala – Community Outreach Officer & Educator (Guatemala City, Guatemala; May – July 2018)

  • Created outreach plan for connecting with target population in city’s busiest sex work sites.

  • Established relationships with sex workers to inform them on workers’ rights.

  • Enrolled community members in organization’s psychological, social and educational support programs.

  • Taught English and IT skills to sex workers and victims of sexual abuse/trafficking.


Community in Action – Operations Manager (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; January 2020 – present) 

  • Development of institutional brand manual, briefing of website changes and adjustment of social media post templates to reflect new strategy and brand identity.

  • Building and maintaining relationships with local social entrepreneurs in 8 favelas across the city, supporting local girls’ empowerment, educational and character-building initiatives.

  • Development and management of online and offline fundraising campaigns and communications in support of COVID-19 relief initiatives and ongoing organizational donations.

  • General management and implementation of all operations/logistics, including COVID-19 strategy adaptation.

  • Onboarding and ethics training of international volunteers (saviorism, sustainability, community-focus).


Fundación Capital – Communications Officer (remote & Bogota, Colombia; November 2018 – December 2019)

  • Managed institutional communications on Graduation (poverty alleviation) programs with a gender-transformative focus, and on women’s empowerment through financial inclusion.

  • Edited (English and Spanish) text content for all organizational publications, including coordination of content (written + visual) with teams.

  • Developed brand design language for consistency and recognition.

  • Designed the layout for all institutional publications to align with brand language.

  • Co-managed (with Communications Director) all internal data and knowledge exchanges.

  • Co-created (with Communications Director) the concept and look of and relaunched the institutional website.


L’Oréal – Retail Design Assistant Manager, Lancôme & Clarisonic (London, UK; June 2015 – September 2017)

  • Project managed from ideation to in-store launch of 60-70 yearly shop-in-shop refurbishments and openings in alignment with retailer and brand.

  • Built and maintained strong relationships with the Paris architecture head-office team, suppliers and retailers.

  • Represented Retail Design and Merchandising teams in LUXE Lean Team, an interdisciplinary taskforce, contributing process insights to successfully streamline launches and improve efficiency across the division.


L’Oréal – Visual Merchandising Executive, Lancôme UKI (London, UK; July 2013 – June 2015)

  • Project managed from development to roll-out of in-store promotional merchandising calendar in over 600+ stores across UK & Ireland, ensuring 100% execution (on brand, on budget, on time).


Kesslers International Ltd – Project Manager (Placement Year) (London, UK; July 2011 – June 2012)

  • Managed all L’Oréal promotional merchandising projects from initial client brief to delivery in stores.


Quality Innovation Challenge (2022) - The Packard Foundation: awarded to ten creative ideas to advance everyone’s right to quality sexual and reproductive healthcare. Received in partnership with The Pleasure Project to develop an assets-based framework for gender equity in SRHR which acknowledges and centralizes women’s pleasure, desire, well-being and agency, informed by the contributions of users of the Ana Autoestima initiative.

Phil Harvey SRHR Innovation Award (2022) – DKT International and Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population & Reproductive Health: awarded to three emerging SRH leaders to explore bold, sex-positive, and rights-based approaches that leverage the private sector to advance access to information, products, and services that support individuals to enjoy healthy and fulfilling sexual lives.

ICFP2022 Youth Trailblazer (2022) - Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population & Reproductive Health: awarded to young leaders in the family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SHRH) field to amplify and highlight their voices through active planning and participation in the 2022 ICFP.  Pleasure Project – Pleasure Fellow (2021): to promote pleasure inclusive sexual and reproductive health and rights education. 


Pleasure Fellow (2021) – The Pleasure Project: to promote pleasure inclusive sexual and reproductive health and rights education.

University of Michigan (UM) – Sallie Foley Scholarship (2020): for commitment to working with marginalized and underserved populations.


Bournemouth University (BU) – Paul Turner Prize for Intellectual Property (2013): Awarded to the individual in the school of Design, Engineering and Computing who completed an innovative project with invaluable intellectual property protection.


European Council of International Schools (ECIS) – Award for International Understanding (2009): for being a good representative of her own country, with a positive attitude towards the life and culture of others, for being a contributing force in the life of the school, with the ability to bring differing people together into a sense of community, thus furthering the cause of international understanding.

Frankfurt International School (FIS) – International Baccalaureate (IB) Art Award (2009): awarded to one student who has excelled in their efforts over the course of the two years of the IB program.


Talking Pleasure in Rio’s Favelas: Co-creating a Pleasure-Based Sexual Health Initiative with Marvelous Women in Brazil - The Pleasure Project (online) - English; August 2023

Spotlight on Sexual Health & Rights: IIGH SDG Leadership Academy (SDGLA) - University of Southern California (online) - English; July 2023

Talking Pleasure with Ease: A guide to the “Why” and ”How” of Pleasure-Based Sexual Health in Youth Programming - International Planned Parenthood Federation (online) - English; June 2023

Sexuality Education: Creativity and Activism beyond the Classroom - Reproduction, Sexualities and Sexual Health Research Group, The Open University (online) - English; June 2023

The Why & How of Pleasure-Based Sexual Health - MSI Reproductive Choices (online) - Spanish; May 2023

What’s Next on a Planet of 8 Billion? Hear From Global Youth Webinar - Transition Earth & Center for Biological Diversity (online) - English; February 2023

Youth Leaders Make Bold Moves: Young People Innovate, Collaborate & Accelerate - Closing Day Plenary, ICFP2022 (Pattaya, Thailand) - English; November 2022

Tackling Taboos: Talking about the most commonly avoided Sexuality and SRHR topics - LIVE Stage, ICFP2022 (Pattaya, Thailand) - English; November 2022

Lift Up Your Voices for Change Panel - Youth Lounge, ICFP2022 (Pattaya, Thailand) - English; November 2022

Promoting Pleasure-Based SRHR Conversations with Women in Brazilian Favelas - Round table at Family Planning / Reproductive Health resources and tools for and from Latin American and the Caribbean Session, ICFP2022 (Pattaya, Thailand) - Spanish; November 2022

The Pleasure Principles: How (And Why) to do Pleasure-Based Sexual Health Interventions - Brazilian Congress of Human Sexuality (Curitiba, Brazil) - Portuguese; September 2022

Applying The Pleasure Project’s Pleasure Principles: Ana Autoestima - The Centre for Studies on Family and Individuals, CEFI Porto Alegre (Online, Brazil) - Portuguese; October 2021

Sexuality Education and Family Dialogue: How to talk to your Children about Sex and Sexuality in an Age-Appropriate and Empowering Way - CEC Napoleão Public School (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - Portuguese; June 2022

Truly comprehensive sexuality education – how to talk pleasure and desire rather than death, danger and disease – AmplifyChange Webinar (Online, Global) - English; November, 2021

TabuTabu: Sexuality Education Programs Co-created With and For Underserved Communities in Latin America – YTH Live Global 2021 (Online; Global) - English; October 2021

(Sexuality) Education for Social Progress – GirlUp Student Group (Oberursel, Germany) - English; September 2018


  • Facing stigma and discrimination against vulnerable populations in health services – Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz); June-August 2023

  • Soma-Cultural Liberation: Toward an Inclusion of Sexual Sovereignty and Erotic Survivance – UMICH SHCP Alumni Weekend; May 2022

  • Sensate Focus Touch in Sexual Health and Sex Therapy: Updating Theoretical Underpinnings and Touch Suggestions – UMICH SHCP Alumni Weekend; May 2022

  • “Your Generation Doesn’t Choke Each Other?” It’s More Common Than You Think. Are Educators Prepared To Address It? – Sex Ed Lecture Series; May 2022

  • Sex & The Saints: Developing Shared Language & Best Practices for Working with Individuals of the Christian Faith – AASECT; April 2022

  • How to Not be a White Savior in Sex Ed – Sex Ed Lecture Series; March 2022

  • Sexuality While Trans: What Educators and Practitioners Need to Know – AASECT; February 2022

  • Teaching People How to Talk About Sex Even if They're Scared – Sex Ed Lecture Series; December 2021

  • Sexuality Education and LGBTQ+ Bullying in Conservative Districts – Sex Ed Lecture Series; December 2021

  • Educacional: Metodologia Gerando Falcões – Falcões University; November-December 2021

  • Demystifying Surrogate Partner Therapy – Sex Ed Lecture Series; November 2021
    The Science of Babies: Getting Early Childhood Sexuality Education Right – Sex Ed Lecture Series; October 2021

  • Pedagogia da Saúde: Sexualidade e Educação – Fundação CECIERJ; September-November 2021

  • Wheel of Context for Sexuality Education – Sex Ed Lecture Series; September 2021

  • 25th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health – World Association for Sexual Health; September 2021

  • Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact – Acumen Academy; August 2021

  • Separation of Church and Sex: Exploring the Role of Faith in Sexual Health Development – Sex Ed Lecture Series; June 2021

  • LGBTQIA+: Understanding Diverse Gender and Sexual Identities – Sex Ed Lecture Series; June 2021

  • Management Training Program for Organizations and Social Entrepreneurs – GESC Institute (by FIA Business School); May 2021 – September 2021

  • VI Congresso Brasileiro de Educação Sexual 2021 – O contexto nacional e o futuro da educação sexual: desafios e propostas; May 2021

  • Sexuality Education in Europe and Central Asia – Sex Ed Lecture Series; May 2021

  • That’s Taboo! Using A Sex-Positive Multicultural Digital Storytelling Model in Sex Education – Sex Ed Lecture Series; May 2021

  • The Personal is Pedagogical: How Teacher Identities Inform Students’ Experiences of Sex Education – Sex Ed Lecture Series; May 2021

  • Thirty Years of Evidence: Sex Education Does More Than Prevent Teen Pregnancy and STIs – Sex Ed Lecture Series; April 2021

  • Black Women’s Sexuality: Six Practical Steps for Designing a Resilience-Based Curriculum – Sex Ed Lecture Series; March 2021

  • Sexual Citizenship: Tips To Help Sexuality Educators Create Sexually Healthy Communities – Sex Ed Lecture Series; March 2021

  • How Prevalent Is Men’s Porn Use? And Why Sexuality Educators Need To Know – Sex Ed Lecture Series; March 2021

  • Faith Backgrounds, Muslim Communities, and Comprehensive, Values-based Sex Education – Sex Ed Lecture Series; March 2021

  • BDSM 101 - What Sexuality Educators Should Know – Sex Ed Lecture Series; December 2020

  • Using Protective Factors to Promote Native Adolescents' Sexual Health – Sex Ed Lecture Series; November 2020

  • Sex-Positive Teachable Moments in Hip Hop: "From the 9-9 to the 2000s" – Sex Ed Lecture Series; November 2020

  • Quasi-experimental Evaluation of The Grassroot Project, a Sport-based Sexual Health Promotion Program for Urban Middle School Students – Sex Ed Lecture Series; October 2020

  • Beyond the Binary: Learning to Teach Gender Inclusive Sex Education – Sex Ed Lecture Series; October 2020

  • Puberty Education: Building the Foundation for Healthy Sexual Development – Sex Ed Lecture Series; September 2020

  • Toys, Accessories, and Beyond! Expanding the Universe of Sex Ed – Sex Ed Lecture Series; August 2020

  • Talking Vulva: What Every Sex Educator Should Know – Sex Ed Lecture Series; July 2020

  • COVID-19 & Sexual Health: Messages for the Public – Sex Ed Lecture Series; June 2020

  • Perceived Sex Education and Its Association with Consent Attitudes, Intentions, and Communication – Sex Ed Lecture Series; June 2020

  • Social Justice in Sexuality Education – Sex Ed Lecture Series; June 2020

  • Pedophilia and the Brain – UMICH SHCP Alumni Weekend; May 2020

  • Physical Therapy and Sexual Health – UMICH SHCP Alumni Weekend; May 2020

  • The History of Sex – IAI Academy; May 2018

  • Sexuality and Relationships Congress – ISC (Greece); April 2018

  • Introduction to Reproduction – Northwestern University (USA); March 2018

  • Sexualidad y Educación – Universidad de los Andes (Colombia); February 2018

  • Sexualidad: Mucho más que sexo – Universidad de los Andes (Colombia); February 2018


American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) – Member; October 2021 - Present


Honduras Child Alliance Advisory Board – Member; September 2021 – Present


Bournemouth University – Student Representative (in Student Forum); October 2012 – July 2013

  • Representing Product Design BA & BSc courses (Class of 2013) in the university community, collecting and voicing feedback in student forums; improving communication between the student body and board.



  • English – fluent

  • Spanish – fluent

  • German – fluent

  • Portuguese – fluent

  • French – conversational


  • Virtual Team Coordination Tools: Google Classroom, Google Suite, Google Meets, Zoom

  • Operating Systems: MacOS & PC

  • Design: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, XD, Canva Pro

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project

  • Social Media Marketing: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium

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