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Education is as much about unlearning as it is about learning. Drawing on the work and words of amazing educators, thinkers and activists from around the world, these are some of the key influences in Laura's educational journey and work:

Paulo Freire


with his theories on working with marginalized communities, which were pivotal in how I framed my role as an educator working (and learning) with (and from) underserved communities.

The Pleasure Mechanics


with their informative, judgement-free and highly engaging podcast Speaking of Sex, as well as their commitment to connecting with and supporting their community.

Alok Vaid-Menon

Alok Vaid-Menon.jpeg

with their honest, rightful and constructive work on normalizing and de-politicizing gender-nonconforming people through unconditional love.

Ellen Friedrichs

Ellen Friedrichs.jpeg

with her easily-implementable tools on navigating societal messages and outdated mentalities, and her approach to good sexual citizenship as a means of breaking down sexual hostility. 

Dawn Serra

Dawn Serra.jpeg

with multiple second-to-none online summits on connecting to self and others, pleasure, and radical business that shifted my views on productivity, citizenship, and prioritizing (mental) health and wellbeing.

Emily Nagoski


with her admirable approach to de-mystifying scientific knowledge, and normalizing a variety of aspects of sexuality that cause many people shame, self-doubt, and isolation.

Marie Beecham

Marie Beecham.png

with her consistently compassionate approach to talking about racial equity and social unity, which makes the (necessarily) uncomfortable reflections so highly approachable and actionable.

Edu Lyra

Edu Lyra_edited.jpg

with his pro-active work mobilizing inter-sector partnerships to eradicate poverty in Brazil’s favelas through access to education and opportunity, always centering Black pride and potential.

Ericka Hart

Ericka Harte 3.jpeg

with her work that boldly highlights how systemic patriarchy and anti-black standards of beauty affect sexual health, and how sexual expression, gender, race and chronic illness inextricably intersect.

Robin Diangelo


with her reflection provoking work on whiteness and effective anti-racism, and how she acknowledges and leverages (and overcomes) her own intersecting identities in the work that she does.

Bianca Laureano


with her amazing sexuality education supervision, especially in terms of refining my blend of applying a global lens with a cultural relative approach in my education work.

Eli Green


with his enlightening seminars on teaching about gender, as well as his amazing ability to successfully and engagingly deliver days of content online at the beginning of the pandemic.

Nick Thomás

Nick Thomás.png

with his thought- and conversation-provoking work that disentangles notions around gender identity and sexual orientation, including how these concepts are restricted through language.

Graeme Seabrook

Graeme Seabrook.png

with her eye-opening content on how to humanize motherhood, recognize the extent of motherload, and pinpoint how capitalism and the patriarchy show up at home.

Latinx Parenting

Latinx Parenting.jpeg

with their insightful and culturally responsive work and words on connecting generations and actively decolonizing oppressive parenting practices in Latin families.

“Whoever teaches learns in the act of teaching, and whoever learns teaches in the act of learning.”

–Paulo Freire

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